Boris Johnson and the Lack of Resolute Leadership.

As we enter 2022; Corona virus cases appear to be declining; Omicron appears to be much less severe than previous Corona virus strains; the NHS has not been overwhelmed by the pandemic; it has not been necessary to make working from home compulsory; we have been able to enjoy Christmas without going into lockdown; and travel restrictions are just starting to be lifted — one might have expected that our present government would be romping towards the local elections in May with a clear majority in the polls — but no, Continue reading “Boris Johnson and the Lack of Resolute Leadership.”

Reversing the Drift Towards Bloodbath Politics

The murder of Sir David Amess last Friday has sent shock waves through our political establishment and has rightly prompted a spontaneous outpouring of messages of sympathy and condolence for the Amess family, and of outrage that such a brutal attack should have taken place in our country.

It is shocking that in Britain with our long tradition of freedom of speech and of freedom of expression, Members of Parliament (MPs) should no longer Continue reading “Reversing the Drift Towards Bloodbath Politics”